Caring for Curtains to Stay Beautiful

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July 10, 2018
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July 10, 2018

Caring for Curtains to Stay Beautiful

Beautiful curtains are not always accomplished with brightly colored floral fabrics. Balance with the surrounding environment becomes one of the requirements that need to be met.

  • If the home environment is cool enough, windy, and noisy, choose a thick curtain material and heavy to muffle it.
  • North and South is the best position for windows. But, if the room tends to be dark, choose a curtain that does not block much light. In order to look beautiful, tie the curtain in the middle.
  • Windows that facing East or West have a considerable risk of glare. Avoid fabric that is too thin or very brightly colored. Reduce the incoming light with blinds or thin curtains behind the curtains.
  • If the house is in the middle of a city full of pollution, avoid brightly colored curtains. Moreover, with the details of complex folds. Because, dust and dirt will accumulate quickly.
  • A window that is too transparent makes privacy less. Be careful using curtain-shaped mesh, gauze, lace, or another transparent-type cover that actually looks transparent at night. Instead, select a thin curtain or cafe curtain to be more secure.

From all the elements in the house, the curtains are the most vulnerable to dust, for that absolute care done so that the curtains still look beautiful. Here are tips on taking care of it:

  • Regular maintenance of once a month washing is mandatory. It would be better when choosing a curtain, choose the type of material that is easy to clean.
  • Cleaning the curtains can be done alone or ask the help of professionals such as laundry. Curtains of fabric without pleats can be washed at home. Put down the curtains and then wash with a soft detergent, just like when washing clothes. Avoid washing with a washing machine so that the material is not damaged. Add fragrance or fabric softener to make the curtains smell fresh.
  • To clean the hook or curtain rings, use vinegar to make it shiny again. Also, don’t forget to clean the Curtain rails so the “road” the curtain is always smooth.
  • Curtains that have pleated models or other special models, should be taken to the laundry in order to be dry clean. Washing with chemicals is done so that the shape of the curtain does not change.
  • Diligent to clean the dust using a vacuum cleaner, so that the curtains do not need to be put it down and re-installed. (pusdat/various sources)



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