About Us


Due to the high level of pollution in Indonesia, an effort is needed to improve hygiene and hygiene standards, especially in indoor space to help improve health as individuals and nation.

One of the most commonly used indoor parts is MATTRESS. Approximately 1/3 of our lifetime is spent there. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that public awareness to clean the mattress is still very low. Once or twice a week, dust on other furniture is cleaned, but dust in the bed is left for years. In fact, the bed is the dustiest furniture when compared with another furniture at home.

For that, Deep Clean comes with the goal of educating and providing indoor hygiene services to the people of Indonesia to help improve the quality of family health. Established in 2012, we introduce high-tech and professional cleaning services at affordable prices.

With specializing in bed cleaning services, we use modern American technology that has been recognized with 8 international certificates. The dirt and dust are sucked so that it is trapped into water that has been given germ-killing drugs. Exhaust equipped HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters) that make germs and dust cannot escape.

Through our socialization and service, hopefully more and more people of Indonesia are aware of the importance of cleanliness of beds and can feel the benefit of sleeping on mattresses that have been sanitized professionally.

Why Deep Clean?

  1. An affordable price
  2. Cleaning thoroughly, detailed and hygienic
  3. Proven Quality (Technology from America)
  4. 100% dry and chemical free
  5. The team is well trained, full-time professional, honest and hygienic.